What are the odds of winning Powerball?

The winner of the American lottery Powerball, which shook the world with the first prize of 1.9 trillion won, was announced.파워볼 The winning numbers for this Powerball were 4, 8, 19, 27, 34, and 10 (red balls). The first five numbers are from 1 to 69, and the last number, Powerball, is one of the numbers from 1 to 26.

The number of ways to pick 5 numbers out of 69 numbers can be calculated using a simple combination formula. 69 C 5 = 69!/(69-5)!5! , which is a whopping 11,238,513, and multiplying this by 26, the number in the case of the red ball, which is the last Powerball, is 292,201,338, which is about 290 million.

Lou Lefton of Georgia Tech, USA, has an amusing description of the odds of winning the Powerball. EOS파워볼 He said that the probability of a blindfolded person walking and placing another coin in the same position as that coin is 15 times greater than the odds of winning a Powerball, assuming a penny is placed on the check here playground. You can see how slim your chances of winning a Powerball are.

In addition, Lou Lefton gives mathematical advice on lottery number selection, saying, “It is advantageous to choose a number greater than 31 because many people choose their birthday number” as a way to increase the probability of winning the lottery mathematically. also left

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